Strategic Leadership & Resilience Summit - April 2021

Two half-days of investing in your personal development, learning from experts, and sharing ideas with colleagues from across our community of ethics & compliance professionals. Take away strategies for enhancing your personal effectiveness and resilience as a leader and influencer.

As compliance and ethics professionals, we invest a lot of our time keeping current with best practices. Our subject matter expertise is not enough, though, to make us effective at creating engaging programs and embedding them in the operations and culture of our organizations. We have to broaden our understanding and leadership skills to influence decision-makers and drive culture change.

By exploring new ideas and learning from experts in adjacent fields--like social psychology, leadership development and organizational culture--we can increase our relevance and effectiveness. Also, as we support the resilience of our organizations by creating cultures of integrity and inclusion, we must take time to build our own resilience.

Our Keynote Faculty